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The Mistress (John Lloyd and Bea Alonzo) Pinoy

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Title: The Mistress (2012)
Genre: Drama | Romance |
Directed By: Olivia Lamasan
Starring: Bea Alonzo | John Lloyd Cruz
Distributed By: Star Cinema
Release Date: September 12, 2012
Run Time:  97 min.

Watch The Mistress Free Online - In particular event of 10th anniversary of John Lloyd Cruz and Bea Alonzo as being a love affair, they are primary charged of Star Cinema's newest grow movie presenting, The Mistress that will start in Philippines cinemas this September 12, 2012. An supplemental work of art by Olivia Lamasan. A daring and also gorgeous Bea Alonzo will amaze us in The Mistress selection as her accumulating film with primary combination of John Lloyd Cruz. With respect to Bea, The Mistress is undoubtedly one huge party of a numerous years of her get together with John Lloyd.

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Watch The Mistress Full Movie - is among the most awaited movie this period, a general really like story which talks about doubt, assurance, struggling, wish and soul mates. It is actually pertaining to the low variety of typical wish among Sari Alfonso (Bea Alonzo) along with JD Torres (John Lloyd) as their routes overtaken abruptly, and as their really like produces at the unacceptable time.

Watch The Mistress Pinoy Movie Online Free - As i originally noticed that they are organizing to get a movie, I discover myself so excited, certainly one of my advisable movie is One More Opportunity, they signify Popoy as well as Basha correspondingly and it was a really large hit I consider many people saw it a variety of circumstances or so. John Lloyd and Bea have this in equivalent testosterone on view that even their co-celebrities witnessed that this combination have something definitely exceptional within them. They may be in the same way unique when considering their art as well as they are essentially controlling with each other for a several decades now.

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